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Re: Architecture all

On Tue, 21 Oct 1997, Joey Hess wrote:

> I've been meaning to get the alpha versions into the package at some point,
> I just never got around to it. If you can dig up some alpha maintainer I can
> throw test packages at, I'd love to try to get it working.

Actually, I can test packages if you need them tested.  If you plan on
packaging stuff for Debian's Alpha port, then please join us on the
debian-alpha mailing list...it'll probably help greatly, plus we have a
few official maintainers that you can bounce things off of.

> Well, I think there's still some question about the general secenerio, as
> follows:
> Package foo is i386 only
> Package bar depends on package foo, but is arch: all
> Should package bar be changed over to arch: i386? 
> Personally, I think not - package foo could always get a arch: all version
> someday.

I would tend to agree with you, although I will admit that I'm not up on
policy issues.  We have several packages in the binary-alpha tree of hamm
that are arch: all right now with NO arch-dependent packages to supplement
them or fulfill their dependencies.  I suspect that you could probably
make the quake-lib package "arch: i386 alpha", but don't know how master
will handle that.  I, personally, agree that it should be arch: all,
though, since it technically is an architecture-independent package that
supplements architecture-specific binaries and also since several other
packages already in existance do the same thing.

> However, could it be a problem for users of some other architecture, who see
> bar in dselect, try to select it, and get an unfullfilled dependancy on foo?

dselect has always alerted me to dependency issues, and I've already had a
few "hanging dependencies" where the depended-upon packages weren't found.
You could probably make a prominant note in the comments of quake-lib to
clarify the issue, but I would hope that most users should realise that
quake is Alpha and x86 only for now based on architecture-based binary 
package availability.

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