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Re: Compiling unstable packages for libc5

On Thu, Oct 23, 1997 at 09:17:51AM -0500, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> 	I seem to recall that there was a machine offered that ran
>  stable for people to compile on.

I don't even think that's the main problem (but as Tim Sailer already
posted, such a machine is available).

Some developers already upload new libc5-packages, but there's simply no
place to put them to. IIRC, Andreas Jellinghaus uploaded some packages to
projects/experimental and there were other developers that put them into
bo-updates (but they'll never make it into bo, because they're only new
versions and don't fix critical bugs). We just need a directory for them
and I agree with Bruce that this directory should be on ftp.debian.org.

BTW, we should make clear that it's every maintainer's decision whether he
wants to upload libc5-versions of his packages in hamm. If a maintainer
chooses not to do so, somebody else might do a non-maintainer release if
there's enough interest in an updated libc5-version.

> 	We need to decide on the section keyword, and decide whether
>  this unstable-for-libc5 section would have subdirectories
>  (main/binary-i386/admin ....), and would it have contrib, non-free,
>  and non-us categories as well?

I don't think that's necessary. After all, there are probably not many
packages with an upstream version significantly newer than the one in
stable. This directory is only a temporary solution and will disappear when
hamm is stable, so we shouldn't put too much effort in making the
technically best solution :-)

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