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Re: Commercial interests & project leader

From: ioannis@flinet.com
> Why should I be about to be punished when I am continuously being
> attacked on this list?  It is apparent, that none of my attackers were
> ever admonished, yet the decision of our leader was against me. Most 
> certainly, I will always respect all decisions that he makes. 
> My only hope is that nobody in the future is predisposed against me.

Thank you for this brief and clear statement.

Nobody's punishing you, don't worry. I informed the "attackers" that I'd
already gotten the point across, and they will now drop the issue.

> Unfortunately, there is a problem to all of these. One of my emails send
> to debian-private yesterday (during my responces) has yet to arrive. 

Oops. Master is down. One or more list postings may have been stuck there,
to appear some time later when it is rebooted. I don't think you need worry
about it.


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