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Re: "etext" section? Re: Packaging a *LARGE* dictionary

> > 	I understand the arguments delineated above, but still, a real
> >  dictionary/thesaurus for Debian is quite tempting. Say, 30M times
> >  3. Ulp. 
> 	3?! We have people speaking English, Spanish, French, German,
> Swedish, Finnish, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, etc... 
> (I'm sure I forgot at least 5 ;). => 11 * 30 = 330 MB.

we could just put out a third cd with the dictionary cd.  Debian - the only 
Linux distribution with a Binary/Source/Dictionary cd set.

> >  What about another section, say, caled dict? everything in it
> >  can be extra. 
> The section "etext" has been suggested a while ago for this kind of
> documents. (The definition was "Any textual document that is not a
> technical documentation", so bibles, dictionaries, texts from the
> Gutemberg project fall in this category).
> Anybody objecting to the creation of this section?

no problem here.

> > 	You can even choose not to put it in the "Official
> >  CD". Anyway, by the time we finally release this, maybe DVD shall
> >  make the mullti-CD thing go away ;-)
> 	bye bye multi-CD, hello multi-DVD... _(;

DVD?  i just got this 2-speed cdrom a little while ago.  (i'd have to get 
another credit card...)

Brought to you by the letters E and K and the number 9.

Paul J. Thompson <thomppj@thomppj.student.okstate.edu>

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