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Sending closed bug notices to interested parties.

Further to the announcement from Ian Jackson about the creation of a
mailing list for closed bugs....

There may be circumstances when I wish to know if a bug has been closed,
but am not the person who reported the bug (eg I want to know when the
CVS/inetd.conf bug is fixed so I can feel safe upgrading). 

Would some mechanism of saying "when this bug is closed notify me as
well" eg by sending a specially formulated e-mail, or perhaps some web
interface. This might be useful, as in general I probably don't want to
see all bug report closures.

Would anyone else be interested in this?

As an extension to this, it might be useful to send this bug closing
message to all those who submit information about a particular bug report.
I'm not sure if this is worthwhile though, as anybody particularly
interested could always express an interest using the methods described


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