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Re: Should we implement a /etc/profile.d?

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Thomas Koenig:
> 		sed -e 's/^\([^=]*\)=\(.*\)$/\1=\2; export \1;/'

Nit pick (and another cheap shot, sorry): This doesn't handle
special characters. Merely adding single quotation marks around
`\2' in the substitution isn't enough, either. (Doing the right
thing is fairly easy, however, so this is just an implementation
issue, and doesn't affect the validity of the principle.)

> I think this kind of thing could be a good concept for handling the
> environment variable issue.

But only environment variables. If the goal is to make things
work, it's too much trouble, since everything should work
without special environment variables, and bugs need to be fixed
otherwise. If the goal is to make a nice environment for new
users, it's too little power, since it doesn't allow setting
of aliases, for example.

> BTW, there's at least one bug outstanding (#4130) which can only be
> solved by setting an environment variable.

If I understood the discussion correctly, it could be fixed
by re-compiling (possibly after patching) the xcompat library
instead, and that's the right thing to do. If that can't be
done, then I still don't think this unfortunate special case
requires the full power of the various suggestions. It can
be handled as a special case and have the variable defined in
/etc/profile, or, possibly, under one of the X setup files.

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