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Re: msdos-i386 and symlinks in DOS

> If this depends on the RockRidge extensions it will not work in DOS as it
> doesn't recognize RockRidge extensions.

I _think_ that the fact that it does not handle the extensions means that you end up seeing the 8.3 format names for all the files/directories that would normally have long/case-significant/multi-dot names under RockRidge.

If this is the case, then my tweak means that you end up seeing reasonable 8.3 names under dos in the real directories, so the symbolic links (from bo/msdos-i386 at least) are not needed.

I've no idea what happens with the binary/binary-all/binary-i386 links, I suppose I'll have to get one of my machines running dos so I can look at the CD.

I'll report when I find out.

Cheers, Phil.

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