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Re: Should we implement a /etc/profile.d?

On May 1, Lars Wirzenius wrote
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> =?iso-8859-1?Q?Nicol=E1s_Lichtmaier?=:
> >  I think we should just use the ". /etc/profile.d/*" approach. 
> If that is used at all, then it should be some implementation of
> ". /etc/profile.d/*.<syntax>", just like Red Hat does (as we were
> told). Also, there _must_ be a way for each user to allow them or
> not.¹
> But before we continue the discussion, perhaps someone could list
> examples of what this would be used for, so that we can see if it
> really would be useful. Otherwise this is just wishful thinking.

I just checked on a standard Redhat installation in our department and
there were only two scripts in profile.d: 
mh.sh and mh.csh ;-)

I don't think it's worth the trouble and even Redhat doesn't seem to
use it extensively.


PS.: 7 messages from Lars on one day, seems like Lars is back ;-)

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