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Re: Perl issues


Vincent Renardias, in an immanent manifestation of deity, wrote:
>On 21 May 1997, Darren/Torin/Who Ever... wrote:
>> 1. Split the main executable and a small set of base files into
>>    perl-base.  This would be Priority: required, should it be Essential?
>>    There will still be a main Perl package but it would supplement
>>    perl-base instead of replacing it.[1]
>I think perl-base should not be Essential, since it will be replaced 
>anyway once the installation completes. "perl" should be essential though.
>(Or can "essential" packages be replaced by dpkg?)

Please read what I wrote again.  perl-base will only ever be upgraded,
never replaced.  Perl will include all the files needed to turn
perl-base into a full distribution.

>Not only we already have package names much more ugly than 
>"perl5.004-base", but I think it may be too bad to miss the opportunity 
>to solve in advance the "very rare" cases when 2 versions of perl must be 

But those package names aren't packages that I maintain.  If a situation
is very rare, then it's not something that needs to be handled in
general if you have to introduce breakage or inelegance to fix it.

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