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Re: Remaining critical bugs (IMHO)

> I thought that the definition of a critical bug is that the release
> does not happen until the critical bug is fixed.

Or the package gets removed from the distribution.

Bugs that are difficult to reproduce cannot be fixed within any bounded
time and the distribution cannot be delayed indefinitely.  Therefore, for
those types of critical bugs, that package must be removed from the

There is an obvious conflict if the package is "required" or "standard".
At that point, I'll have to bite the bullet and let the bug go through.
If it's "optional" or "extra", though, it's the axe.

I marked those bugs critical so nag messages would go out to the
maintainers.  If it would make things simpler, I could just refuse
to accept anything but system-crashing (or similar severity) bugs
after a certain time.

Bottom line:  The purpose of reporting a critical bug is to get it
fixed before release.  If people try to use it as a general way of
delaying the release, it will backfile on them.  I guarantee it.

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