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Re: Kernel on 1997-05-01 boot disks missing stuff.

Dale Scheetz wrote:
> This is the second time I've received a report of this and I'm pretty
> sure it's because of the Toshiba Tecra patch.  I'll remove it from the
> next release which will mean the people with Toshiba Tecra's won't be able
> to boot.

I understood from a message from Herbert Xu (which Sven Rudolph
forwarded to me) that the "Tecra patch" has been incorporated into the
official kernel as of 2.0.30-1.

> The machine I'm testing on is an old 486DX on a Trident mother board with  
> AMI bios from 1992, but I have seen the same failure on my more recent P75
> machine, so for me the market looks like "all" non-Tecra machines fail ;-)

If you have a machine which reliably fails to boot *because* of the
"Tecra patch", I would like to forward your e-mail address to the
patch's author, as I am sure that he would like to develop a version
which will not interfere with any other machines.  This is especially
important if the patch has already been incorporated into the official

Kirk Hilliard
(Yet another Tecra owner.)

P.S. This patch has been reported to be necessary for at least one
     other model (some desktop computer) besides Tecras.

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