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Re: Make bug package required? (was Re: berolist.deb)

>Just try to figure out the stink someone would make on a linux newsgroup:
>Friggin' Debian system posted my password to the world...

Debian did not. The user made the decision to post that password.

Another example: Any user can do

rm -rf /

and destroy a debian system. Maybe I should file a bug report against
the package? How could the system be so stupid and erase itself.... Bad
bad Debian?

>The bug in bug(1) is caused by the absence of common sense in (your) design
>of the very program. 

Common sense? I think what we have here is a problem with people dreaming
of ideal software again and putting obstacles in the way of progress in
the name of some idealistic *political correctness* of software. It has
to be perfect or we cannot have it. Nothing is perfect on this world.
Maybe we better stop developing software?

Are others afraid of this kind of reasoning or why did not someone else
come up with the idea for a bug program long before I did? I was kind of
amazed at the time I wrote the initial release of bug.

Maybe you have some form of AI program that can discover a password in a
config file and remove it?

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