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Re: policy about putting packages into frozen ?

On Wed, 28 May 1997, Andreas Jellinghaus wrote:

> hy.
> what is the policy about putting packages into frozen ?
> AFAIk only bug fixes are allowed.
> my problem is the isdn package : the new version was released (beta1)
> this week, and it was tested a long time (public cvs tree). now it has a
> documentation (not all binaries but at least some), some new features
> and a lot of bugs fixed. the old release is nearly unusable (the kernel
> driver was fixes in 2.0.29 and again in 2.0.30, the old isdn utils won't
> run with the new device driver, but using old kernels isn't a good thing
> in this case.)
> so : am i allowed to upload the package into frozen (i will build it
> these day, upload it into unstable, and beg some isdn users to test it).
> if there are no major problems, it should go into frozen (the old
> package is nearly unusable and buggy).

I'm not sure if it's wise to replace the isdn packages in frozen now. This
will surely delay the release (and I don't think Brian would allow this
anyways :-)

Instead, I suggest to

 - remove the isdn packages from frozen
 - upload fixed isdn packages into some other directory on ftp.debian.org,
say "project/untested/"
 - add a note to some README of 1.3 that Debian 1.3 does _not_ include the
isdn packages, but a "untestet" version is available in the
"project/untested" directory
 - introduce the new isdn packages in Debian 1.3.1 (cf. current discussion
in debian-private) and mention this in the README



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