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Perl issues


I have some ideas on what I'm planning on doing with the Debian Perl
package in the near future.

1. Split the main executable and a small set of base files into
   perl-base.  This would be Priority: required, should it be Essential?
   There will still be a main Perl package but it would supplement
   perl-base instead of replacing it.[1]
2. The man-pages and html-docs would go into a separate perl-doc
3. Currently Perl 5.004 is compiled with Perl 5.003 compatibility.
   Scott Ellis suggested that we turn this off when we compile Perl for
   libc6.  This sounds like a good idea because it leads to a much
   cleaner namespace for embedded Perl.[2]  Leading to:
4. After Perl for libc6 is out, I would issue a perl-lib package for use
   as a shared library for Perl.  The main executable would still be
   statically linked for speed though.[3]
5. The Perl package will also become Perl5 at the libc6 upgrade,
   providing Perl.  Vincent Renardias has asked if we could have a fully
   versioned package name of Perl5.004.  This has merits but leads to
   overly long package names: perl5.004-base and is really inelegant.
   The cases where multiple full releases of Perl need to be installed
   are very rare and so unless there is a hew and a cry it will probably
   just be Perl5.
6. When developmental releases come out, I'll issue experimental
   packages with the full version in the name (perl5.004_50) that will
   only have the versioned executable name (/usr/bin/perl5.00450).  This
   will allow experimental packages to sit alongside production
7. When the maintenance releases come out, I'll wait a week or so to be
   sure there isn't nasty brokenness[4] and issue it as a new Perl5

As an aside, I have both perl-5.003.07-10 and perl-5.004-1 on my ftp
site[5] as well as a tar file (perl-build-1.01.tar.gz) that will allow
you to build your own perl packages from CPAN[6] sources.

I'd really appreciate your input on these issues, so that I can go
forward with the Perl package.


[1] As opposed to the brokenness I introduced in bo due to hurriedness
    and not thinking it through.
[2] apache-modules (mod_perl), the vi clones, and others can use this
[3] 10-25% degradation otherwise.
[4] Not trying to impugn your testing, Tim (if you're reading this) but
    strange things do happen. 
[5] ftp://ftp.daft.com/pub/debian/perl* or
[6] See http://www.perl.com/cpan/CPAN.html
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