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policy about putting packages into frozen ?


what is the policy about putting packages into frozen ?
AFAIk only bug fixes are allowed.

my problem is the isdn package : the new version was released (beta1)
this week, and it was tested a long time (public cvs tree). now it has a
documentation (not all binaries but at least some), some new features
and a lot of bugs fixed. the old release is nearly unusable (the kernel
driver was fixes in 2.0.29 and again in 2.0.30, the old isdn utils won't
run with the new device driver, but using old kernels isn't a good thing
in this case.)

so : am i allowed to upload the package into frozen (i will build it
these day, upload it into unstable, and beg some isdn users to test it).
if there are no major problems, it should go into frozen (the old
package is nearly unusable and buggy).

comments welcome.

regards, andreas

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