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May I remove a "feature" from man? [was: Bug#10039]

Hi folks!

Bug#10039 exposed a problem with the "feature" of man to index all the
'man' and 'MAN' subdirectory it finds in the HOME and current directory,
when it is invoked.

This "feature" is of incredibly annoyance because it leaves a file
index.bt in those subdirectories.
I think that many of you have encountered this when invoking man working
in a source package to be debianized (dpkg-buildpackage fails because of
the presence of such a binary file).

I am tempted to remove such a feature from the sources (upstream
development stopped in August 95), but I'm not sure if this could be a
good idea.
Does anyone find this feature usefull, or thinks that it must be kept in
the program?

Thank you,
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