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Re: Possible solution to custom installations.

sailer@sun10.sep.bnl.gov (Tim Sailer)  wrote on 08.05.97 in <9705082036.AA15639@sun10.sep.bnl.gov.sep>:

> In your email to me, Dale Scheetz, you wrote:
> [clip]
> > At the outer level of the distribution tree create directories like: SWS
> > for simple work station, NWS for networked work station, etc... The names
> > could probably use a little work, but that isn't critical to the idea.
> > Each of these directories would have links to the actual package files
> > elsewhere in the distribution. The simple work station directory would
> > have links to only those packages that are desirable for such a system
> > configuration along with a Packages file that contained only those
> > packages. This would not cost much disk space and would allow for easy
> > installation of such a system with dselect. One would simply point to this
> > directory in the [A]ccess phase (and only this directory) and then
> > [S]elect All Packages after [U]date ing the available file. All the
> > dependencies could be ironed out in testing and could result in a "simple"
> > installation path for the "usual" kinds of setup. I think that it might be
> > possible to provide a "response" file that would "do the right thing" and
> > let the installer go to lunch while the system was built.
> Just brief consideration leads me to believe that this will work. The
> hard thing will be getting the response file. Maybe we can may out
> some possible answers in a readme or install doc for that configuration?

Well sure, but ... isn't this rather complicated?

If you install with dselect, just make an otherwise empty package (or you  
could possibly include documentation) whose dependencies force selection  
of all those packages that this configuration is going to need. You could  
have as many such grouping packages as you liked (and you could probably  
install several at once).

Actually, this could solve another problem. If this is a real upgradeable  
package, it can track changes in the system that people otherwise won't  

The more I think about it, the more I like it.

MfG Kai

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