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Re: Problems with serial ports? (longish life story)

At 12:33 PM 26/05/97 -0400, Jean Pierre LeJacq wrote:
>Not sure this helps, but ...
>I ran into a problem with compiling serial.o as a module.
>At boot, I configure my serial ports using /boot/0setserial.
>Unfortunately, when kerneld reloads serial.o, it
>reinitializes the serial ports to a default setting which is
>inconsistent with my hardware.  Could this possibly be your

I think that's a completely unrelated problem and I doubt it's got anything
to do with mine.  As it stands, every 24 hours of so, I'm still having to
reboot the machine, and then it comes up fine again - strange.

>P.S. What package is the command "lsdev" from.

It's in the sysutils package from the utils section.


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