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Re: packages.debian.org & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development)

Philip Hands <phil@hands.com> writes:


> That seems simple enough.
> I think your best bet is this:
> 1) make sure control/locals does not contain packages.debian.org

But make sure it's in control/rcpthosts, of course.

> add this line to control/virtualdomains:
>   packages.debian.org:alias-packages
> create ~alias/.qmail-packages-default, containing:
>   |forward "`/usr/local/bin/pkg2maint $EXT2`"

I would prefer  |forward "`/usr/local/bin/pkg2maint "$EXT2"`"  for

> write /usr/local/bin/pkg2maint, which is a program that takes a
> package name, and puts the maintainers e-mail address on its STDOUT.
> The only extra thing to have pkg2maint do is output an address that
> will cause the mail to bounce if the maintainer cannot be found
> (package-not-found@master.debian.org might work)

A better way to bounce when a maintainer is not found would be to do
something like  |/usr/local/bin/pkgforward "$EXT2"  where pkgforward
execs qmail's forward if a maintainer is found, or prints "unknown
package" or "maintainer not found" as appropriate and returns 100.

If you've got 1000 or so spare inodes, you could just make a
~alias/.qmail-package-packagename for each package, containing
"&maintainer@debian.org" or whatever.

If packages.debian.org is really master.debian.org, you could use
users/assign to map "packages-packagename" to "maintername".

If you don't want to worry about unescaping the various formats of
email addresses, add the appropriate Resent-... and Delivered-To:
(from DTLINE) headers, set some env. vars and pipe the resulting
message into qmail-inject, telling it to get its recipients from the
message headers.

I could probably be persuaded to write this...  :-)

                Carey Evans  <*>  c.evans@clear.net.nz

	    "Lies, damn lies, and computer documentation."

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