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Re: RFC: Kernel-package: Please add the '.config' file in the binary package

On Tue, 20 May 1997, Mike Orr wrote:

> It should be copied, and not symlinked.  /boot must not have any symlinks
> into /usr, in case /usr is trashed and you're trying to recover. 
> If the symlink went the other way, from /usr/src/linux/.config into
> /boot/.config, then "make config" would be changing the configuration file
> for the running kernel as well as the one you're about to build.  This

You are right.  However, what solution do you suggest in my case, where I
have 6 different kernels cluttering up my / ?  I use all of em, 1 is a
backup, some implement different features.....  which .config should go in

Obviously, the config of the kernel that is running.  Determining that
doesnt seem nontrivial.  It could be done by modifying the kernel-source
package...  I look forward to seeing what is done with regard to this.

Whats needed is some way to associate with a given kernel image its
corresponding "config".  Again, we are getting into the realm of how bsd
does it, where you determine the configuration at boot time, not compile


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