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Re: Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question])

srivasta@datasync.com (Manoj Srivastava)  wrote on 12.05.97 in <87pvuxcjdc.fsf@tiamat.datasync.com>:

> 	Suppose I hace A.tar.gz and B.tar.gz, and I need to apply a
>  diff to them to get the debianised source. In each case, I unpack
>  into ./temp.
> 	Case 1: I get ./temp/A/{1,2,3}, in the second case I get
>  ./temp/{4,5}.  In case 1 I should cd into ./temp/A before applying
>  the diff, in the second case I have to cd into ./temp and apply the
>  patch.
> 	At first glance, it may be difficult to determine whether
>  currently we are facing case one or two.
> 	There may be an easy solution that is not obvious to me.

Well, yes. Scan the temp dir after unpacking. If it contains one directory  
and nothing else, that directory is the main package directory. If it  
contains anything else, the temp dir is the main package dir. Rename the  
right directory to the right name and place, and if the temp dir is still  
around, throw it away.

MfG Kai

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