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Re: Sending closed bug notices to interested parties.

On Sun, 11 May 1997, Chris Walker wrote:

> Further to the announcement from Ian Jackson about the creation of a
> mailing list for closed bugs....
> There may be circumstances when I wish to know if a bug has been closed,
> but am not the person who reported the bug (eg I want to know when the
> CVS/inetd.conf bug is fixed so I can feel safe upgrading). 

Bad example. Upgrading is what causes that bug to happen :(

> Would some mechanism of saying "when this bug is closed notify me as
> well" eg by sending a specially formulated e-mail, or perhaps some web
> interface. This might be useful, as in general I probably don't want to
> see all bug report closures.

Maybe a "watch" feature, where you can tell the bug system what you want
to see about a bug report (if you have ever used CVS watches, you will
know what I'm talking about).

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