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Re: sendmail/smail with relaying blocks?

cjw1006@hermes.cam.ac.uk (Chris Walker)  wrote on 14.05.97 in <3379B1F9.1BD7@hermes.cam.ac.uk>:

> I beg to differ. I think what is the sensible default depends on the
> usage of the machine. For departmental mail servers, then you are
> correct relaying is more sensible, but for "Satellite" systems, it is
> more sensible to block it.
> Could you ask a question at configuration time, probably defaulting to
> not allowing relaying. If you want to be really clever, you could make a
> guess based on earlier answers.
> At the very least, a comment in the exim.conf file would be useful.
> I don't think the above would be very difficult to implement, but I may
> have missed something.

The sensible default is always to relay only for your clients, in both  

The problem with this is that it is not easy to automatically determine  
who your client are.

Here's an idea. It probably needs some work.

First, ask if the machine is to be a mail server for other machines.

If not, block all relaying; you have no clients. If yes, ask user to  
supply a list of client domains, then allow relaying for mail destined to  
those domains.

Also, ask for IP numbers/nets for clients; then allow relaying for mail  
originating from those IPs.

In any case, allow to leave this unconfigured, and put comments in the  
config file(s) to explain what to put where. And also allow a wide-open  
configuration, but warn heavily against it.

MfG Kai

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