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Re: Make bug package required? (was Re: berolist.deb)

Christoph Lameter <clameter@power.net> writes:

> Another example: Any user can do
> rm -rf /

I'd rather not get in the middle of this, but I would like to point
out that you have to know to specify both -r and -f to make this
happen.  Without those options, you can't delete the whole filesystem,
and you'd probably need to read the manpage to know about them.
That's a good design.

Perhaps bug's default should be to *not* post config files, and "-c"
(or something else) should enable their inclusion.

After all, I imagine that most bug reports don't actually need the
config files, and the maintainer can always ask for them when they are
important.  This would have the added advantage of saving storage
space in the archives, and bandwidth.


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