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Re: long list of give away or orphaned packages

Charles Briscoe-Smith wrote:
> Hi!  I subscribed a few days ago, (and have been somewhat overwhelmed
> by the quantity of mail on this list; is there a digestified version?)
> and would like to propose that I package up Inform, Frotz, and some of
> the associated games.
[pro-infocom propaganda snipped]

Wonderful.  As the guy who ported frotz to unix, I'd be very pleased to
see it distributed with Debian.  I was going to do it myself, but was
waiting for a few things...

Right now, I believe we have an old version of the ITF interpreter in
the "infocom" package.  This should probably be scrapped, as it is
highly obsolete given our current Z-machine knowledge.

> Oops, no: "Frotz is freeware: It may be used and distributed freely
> provided no commercial profit is involved. (c) 1995, 1996 Stefan
> Jokisch."

I'm going to talk to Stefan about getting this wording relaxed.  Does
anybody out there have any suggestions for a new wording which keeps the
spirit of this, but makes it possible to put Frotz in the main
distribution?  Please?

> So, is anyone else working on any of this already?  Good/bad idea?

Good.  I'm working on converting the lastest Frotz (2.22) to unix, but
need *SOMEBODY* (ahem ahem) to release an ncurses library which works
with libc6 before I can finish.  If you want, you can package the older
version for now.


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