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Re: Proposal: New source format

Vincent Renardias wrote:
> 	Maybe...
> what do Ianj & Klee think of this? (Since they are the main persons 
> behind dpkg ;)

I just made the proposal...  I doubt they've seen it yet.

Another idea (more code re-use again):

Re-use dpkg to actually do the source code management.

Rename it to be sdpkg (but use the same libraries).

To install a source package, just do:

sdpkg -i <upstream name>_<upstream version>-<revision>.sdeb
   - or -
sdpkg -i <upstream name>_<upstream version>-<revision>.upsdeb
   - or -
sdpkg -i <upstream name>-<upstream version>-<revision>.src.rpm
   - or -
... you get the idea - this could be a Java package -

It would install the uncompressed files under 

/var/lib/sdpkg/source/upsdeb/<packagename> or
/var/lib/sdpkg/source/sdeb/<packagename> or
/var/lib/sdpkg/source/srpm/<packagename> etc...

Optionally, the user could choose to install the files elsewhere,
like in their home directory, so they can work on them there.
But for debugging purposes, it would be nice to have standard
locations to automatically plop the packages.

There could be a /var/lib/sdpkg/status file to list what has
been installed, and a /var/lib/sdpkg/available file to list what
is available.  Also, a /var/lib/sdpkg/info directory would
store the source package control files.

This way, dpkg's dependency mechanisms could be re-used for 
source packages with a minimum of fuss.

We could even have a /var/lib/sdpkg/methods directory so that
people could use a "sdpkg-ftp" to retrieve the source packages.


 - Jim

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