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Re: Problems adding swap files

In article <yf2207az1dd.fsf@proton.pathname.com>,
Daniel Quinlan <quinlan@pathname.com> wrote:
>Pete Templin <templin@bucknell.edu> writes:
>> I'm having some difficulty creating "special" swapfiles to be able to test
>> swapping to/from an "md" device (raid0).  I've followed the manpage hints
>You must give the full path of the swapfile.
>I also suggest using a swap partition instead of a swap file.  It's a
>lot faster.  Maybe not when compared to RAID-0, though.

You can stripe swap without using md - the kernel does it for you
ever since Linux 1.3.2 :)

Read the "swapon" manpage, option "-p".

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