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Re: runlevels [was Re: Upcoming Debian Releases]

Alexander Koch writes:
 > ~ # init
 > Usage: init 0123456SsQqAaBbCc
 > 1 is already multiuser, no networking (iirc).
 > single-user is S or s (just like using the single as argument for lilo)!
 > 2 is networking (basic, inn comes up etc)
 > 3 is full networking (whatever you desire)
 > 4 and 5 is to be filled with xdm (x) (for those who desire)
 > 6 is reboot
 > Did I get anything wrong?

* I think you at least missed something: runlevel 1 is a temporary one,
and automatically switches to S. I think you should never ask
'telinit S', but 'telinit 1'

* that's not complete either. As already mentionned, the manpage tells
about undocumented runlevels 7-9. It also poorly tells about those
AaBbCc I never really understood.

More about these ?
Yann Dirson

e-mail: dirson@univ-mlv.fr

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