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RFC: Kernel-package: Please add the '.config' file in the binary package

	I initialy reported this problem as a RFE for the kernel-package, 
but Manoj (and I tend to agree) thinks it should be discussed here first.

My point was the kernel package should also install the .config file used 
to build the kernel for further reference (as getting the exact config to 
report a kernel bug for example). I proposed to have this file installed 
as "/boot/config-2.x.y". (Like we already install 

Manoj's point was that this .config file is already installed as 
"/usr/doc/kernel-image-2.x.y/config". It's not IMHO the best possible 
location since the doc directory is rather intended for global 
information about the package. Also, I think the expected place 
(following the "least astonishment principle") should be /boot:
A new user of Debian will probably not think that this file can be in 
/usr/doc, but would probably look into /boot.

Comments? Suggestions? Objections?

NB: the FSSTND does not currently specify this file, but I think it's 
worth to ask this issue to be considered for the coming FHS.

.signature en greve!

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