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Re: ObjC runtime (was: Upcoming Debian Releases)

Gregor Hoffleit wrote:
> > Include the multi-thread support patch for the Objective-C runtime lib (???)
> bo includes gstep-base-0.2.12 and gstep-base-0.2.12 includes a patch file
> gcc-, which therefore should be applied to the gcc in bo
> (the patch applies fine to gcc- 

The bo gcc has had the obj-c runtime patches applied for a long time

> The remaining question the thread model to be enabled in the patched objc
> runtime. The patched runtime can be compiled for e.g. PCthreads,
> LinuxThreads or no threads at all. Who is to decide this ?

LinuxThreads seems to be the standard Debian way to go, so I used that.


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