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msdos-i386 and symlinks in DOS

I have been doing a lot of testing lately, and tried to use one of my CDs
on a DOS machine to copy the archive onto the hard disk in DOS. The
problem is that all I got were the links, rather than the files that they
pointed to. I know of no way to tell an operating system that has no
knowledge of symbolic links how to do the right thing.
So, I went back to the mkisofs docs and found the -f option. When I used
this to make an iso image from the archive, I got the files, with their
DOS filenames in that directory, as I expected, but, of course, all the
other symlinks on the disk were turned into files themselves, breaking the
image for use in Linux.
I suspect that I should convert the symlinks in msdos-i386 to hard links,
but I don't know that this will fix it, and haven't had the time to try to
burn one and see if it works.
I have been told by some folks who have tried to get files from my ftp
site that when those files are symlinks their FTP software does not follow
the links and get the file contents, so I have had to start wasting disk
space by keeping actual copies on the ftp directory. If these reports are
accurate, how does one use this directory in the archive in any useful
I know I'm just missing something, but I don't see it. Can one of you kind
folks enlighten me?



P.S. Is there an easy way to convert a bunch of symlinks into hard links?

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