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ObjC runtime (was: Upcoming Debian Releases)

> Include the multi-thread support patch for the Objective-C runtime lib (???)

According to Scott Christley <scottc@net-community.com> (de-facto  
maintainer of the gcc Objective-C runtime), the Objective-C runtime should  
be kept in sync with the gstep-base included in the release.

bo includes gstep-base-0.2.12 and gstep-base-0.2.12 includes a patch file  
gcc-, which therefore should be applied to the gcc in bo  
(the patch applies fine to gcc-

The remaining question the thread model to be enabled in the patched objc  
runtime. The patched runtime can be compiled for e.g. PCthreads,  
LinuxThreads or no threads at all. Who is to decide this ?


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