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I'm not entirely happy with the procedure that seems to be being used
to select a logo.  Not that I think that Christian and others haven't
done a useful job, but I think that we've got to the stage where a
little more structure to the process would be good.

I think that we should first decide for a theme, or possibly a small
number of themes for a logo (eg `some variant on D', `puzzle
piece(s)', `galaxy'), and then refine each of these by suggesting more
detail or variations on them and keeping only the best.

At the moment it's very hard to say `I like the _idea_ behind logo XYZ
but I think the artwork needs some improvement'.

This would also allow us to choose between a much smaller number of
alternatives at each stage.

Furthermore, I think that if we're going to be voting on logos (and
they are something that you could at least sometimes have a sensible
vote about) a more formal voting scheme would be good.  A simple
`yes/no' from each developer who happens to get to that version of the
web page is rather coarse.

So, I think we should firstly collect ideas for themes and so forth
and judge them on the basis of the idea, rather than how well the
example is presented.  ASCII-art will do quite well for illustration
at this stage.


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