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Re: Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question])

On 11 May 1997, Kai Henningsen wrote:

> > Not really. You could handle it just like redhat does in the srpm files: you
> > have a shell script that is responsible for unpacking the package into a
> > specific directory and applying all patches to it.
> Remember: no shell scripts in the source packages that are needed for  
> unpacking. It's just too dangerous.
> Ian convinced me of this one.

Maybe this could be solved with a new field:

    UnpackDir: /usr/src/debian

or for archives which unpack in ./

    UnpackDir: /usr/src/debian/package-version

There would then be a standard source unpacker script which did something

    mkdir -p $UnpackDir
    cd $UnpackDir
    case $srcformat in 
        tar.gz) ... ;;
        tar)    ... ;;
        shar)   ... ;;
        zip)    ... ;;
        arj)    ... ;;

Alternatively, for packages which have multiple original source
archives, the line specifying the archive name could have an optional
second field specifying the target directory. if blank, then unpack in
/usr/src/debian/, otherwise unpack in /usr/src/debian/$field2

"/usr/src/debian" mentioned for example purposes only. your preferences
may vary.


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