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Re: rm -r * and the default prompt

Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@feedback.com.ar> writes:

>  Most people that adopt Linux come from DOS. Linux is expanding the UNIX
> users base. I come from DOS-OS/2 too. I used Slackware, and I changed
> because it was a mess. Current newbies that start with RH won't change to
> Debian, they don't need to. And those newbies learn, become `RH-gurus' and
> sit quietly at home waiting for a commercial corporation to handle their
> OS =).
>  I also think that we should try to aim to the bigger amount of targets
> that we can...
>  So I say: PS1="[\\u] \\h:\\w\\$ " !!!!  =D

I agree with most of what you are saying; however, I think you sorta
missed the point I was trying to make (which is probably my fault
because I didn't make it very clearly <g>)

My problem is not so much with changing root's default prompt on new
installations; I have changed the default on my machines anyway.  My
problem is with going in and changing accepted Unix standards solely
to be more "friendly" to beginners that aren't paying attention to
what they are doing.  IMHO, people that aren't paying attention before
typing a "rm -rf *" don't have any business running Unix in the first

Anybody should know that before typing "rm -rf *" or an equivolent,
you THINK FIRST, every time.

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