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Re: RFC: new mailing lists with native languages

Christian Leutloff <leutloff@abraxas.oche.de> writes:

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> IMHO it's time to start mailing lists for Debian users in their native
> languages.  For most people it's easier to read and write in their
> native language than the english one. 


>I know that everyone can create
> a mailing list, but I think it's worth to discuss the thing first.
> How should we name the appropriate list i.e. for the german user:
> debian-user-german
> debian-user-de (as used in the LANG shell variable)

or debian-german-user
or debian-de-user
or debian-local-de-user

> What should we use?
> Are there any objectives against this type of mailing list??

I've no objections. 

>From my point of view it is better to do it this way than to have
lots of posts I can't understand on the debian-user list. In fact,
because there will be fewer messages, and a sense of common interest,
you may get better answers (certainly the local newsgroups in
Cambridge have a much better signal/noise ratio than the worldwide ones).

> Which mailing lists should be created??

No comments really, but there must be a critical mass of people for
the lists to work.


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