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Re: man page section "debian" ?

On May 26, Christian Schwarz wrote
> > AFAIK there is no manual, list or whatever of debian specific things.
> > so, what about moving all manpages that are debian related to have the
> > suffix "debian" ? this way anyone can go and say : ok, i know unix, and
> > i was using other distributions before. lets see how debian is doing
> > this and that and what special commands i have here.
> We currently have the files /usr/doc/*/README.debian for Debian specific
> changes of programs. In addition, the we plan to write a "Debian User's
> Guide" that describes the specifics of a Debian system (just check at the
> home page of the Debian Documentation Project at
>   http://fatman.mathematik.tu-muenchen.de/~schwarz/debian-doc/ )

sure. a debian user's guide (or debian admin guide or however you call
it) would be great. but debian specific commands (dpkg*, deb-make*,
update-rc.d, update-inetd.conf etc) will have to be documented in this
book. and till we have such a book, it would be a god thing, if you can
say "ok, we don't have a book now, but start with reading all *debian
manpages. dwww will give you a list."

that's what i want. and btw: if i look at unix handbooks (like the
german "linux anwenderhandbuch", a linux starter book, my second edition
is dated 1.3.1993), there are large parts : manpages. ok, manpages will
not help, if you don't explain the why and the whole context, but they
are very good reference manuals (that's what they are for).

regards, andreas

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