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Re: rm -r * and the default prompt

This is why changing the default prompt for everyone is not a good
idea.  You guys can't even agree on what you want the new prompt to
be.  And if you want my personal preference, any prompt longer than
'$ ' is too long.  If I want to know what directory I'm in, I just

Instead of arguing back and forth about this new prompt, please do
something constructive.  Build a "Debian 4 dummies" package, which
includes your favorite prompt along with all of the other nice
defaults that you wish to include.  Add a sentence in the package's
description that says "If you are new to Debian or Linux, this package

Of course, there will be some technical details with the
implementation of this package that will need to be ironed out, such
as how to get PS='<your favorite prompt>' into /etc/profile, but I'm
sure that these will be minor.  If you want to get fancy, you can also
add to this package some useful scripts for configuring a Debian
system that no Unix "real man" would need or want.

I believe that the newbie-friendly defaults should be collected in one
place and not scattered across many Debian packages.  If they are in
one package (or a small number of packages), it will be easier for us
to define what the Debian newbie-friendly environment is and to plan
what we want it to become.  I especially believe that these defaults
should be optional.

Remember, the user should configure her system, not deconfigure it.
If she must spend time and effort to rid her system of somebody else's
nifty configuration, then IMO we're doing it wrong.


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