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Re: Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question])

> > That's a good location.  I like it a bit better than 
> > /var/lib/dpkg/source/package-version (my previous suggestions)
> Umm, unless debian gets better (read: any) symlink management, it's
> unlikely that I'm *ever* going to unpack sources in /var, or /usr, or
> anywhere other than "the scratch dir I just made room for..."  I
> needed to look something up in a redhat SRPM recently -- and ended up
> doing an rpm2cpio to extract it where *I* wanted it.

I know.  I put all the packages that I'm working on under my home
directory.  I wouldn't want to use that directory for packages I was
working on, but it would be useful for upstream packages, or packages 
I just wanted to cross-reference, debug, or steal code from.  It would also 
form a base directory for having a "make world".

> Granted, a *real* solution would be some way to point things off to
> other disks and have dpkg "know" about it so it handles upgrades
> cleanly.  We've talked about this some but haven't gotten very far.

Yes.  I would be nice if there was an option for dpkg to use an
alternate root directory than "/" when installing - and to have it
keep track of that over time.  Of course, this gets sticky if you
want to specify multiple base directories at the same time as you
are installing multiple packages.
> I'll also toss in that most of the time, I read debian source packages
> from emacs with ^x^f (auto-compression-mode and tar-mode work great!)
> and by far more of my reference to source is to look something up
> rather than to rebuild the package...

I'd like to be able to go up to any binary on my system, type something
like "debshowsource <binaryname>", and have dpkg/dselect/diety retrieve
the source via ftp, install it somewhere, and let me look at the source
(probably in emacs).  Similarily, I'd like to do the same thing for


 - Jim

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