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Re: Perl 5.004, perl modules, and binary compatibility

"Scott K. Ellis" <storm@gate.net> writes:
> My main concern is that they neither bunch up on the dpkg select screen,
> nor is it easy to search for perl modules in dselect (I'd like to be able
> to find all the perl modules by searching on perl).

BTW, I maintain alias and www-search (and libwww-perl and mailtools
and, heck, I think that may mean I maintain all the perl module
packages now that it looks like CGI-modules is going away), and I do
agree with some of your comments.

At the same time, though, those names do have a certain meaning for
people who are aware of them outside of debian, and thus one should be
very wary of renaming someone else's module.

At the same time, Graham Barr suggested to me that I rename libnet to
be libnet-perl, since there was a C library by the same name.  Of
course, he also told me he was thinking about renaming the upstream
package, and has not yet done so---in large part because of the name
recognition---he's just now got people to stop looking for the
separate Net:: modules.

This was, of course, after Graham admitted that he hadn't been aware
that they'd been packaged for Debian, which is doubly amusing, since
that's what he uses.


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