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Re: packages.debian.org & qmail (was Re: Using CVS for package development)

On May 29, Bruce Perens wrote
> I must admit to not understanding what that qmail alias file is for.
> I do _all_ of my aliases with .qmail-* files .
> What I was trying to achieve was to have qmail forward a message without
> messing around with the headers any more than necessary. Thus, I wanted
> to have a .qmail-packages-default file to handle the packages.debian.org
> domain, and that would look up the package name and map it to the maintainer
> address, and remail messages to the maintainer. This is not a terribly
> complicated hack, but I got busy.

I don't understand why you need to use RFC822 style addresses here?
You've got a message in-transit, so RFC821 seems more appropriate.

Furthermore, qmail parses the destination addresses and stuffs
it into various environmental variables, so parsing the dest address
shouldn't be an issue.

And, of course, identifying the proper smtp destination address for
the package maintainer is something that should be done at the time
the database is populated, not every time a message hits the system.

Given these conditions, I can think of at least three different ways
of implementing the forwarding:

(1) user-map [if all package maintainers are local]
(2) db lookup from -default
	(and of course there's lots of ways to implement db)
(3) ~aliase/.q*

[There's more ways .. you could generate an account for each
package, ferinstance.]


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