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Re: Old bug reports

On 24 May 1997, Mark Eichin wrote:

> > 2200 outstanding bugs.  That's 20% of the total bugs received.  Can we 
> > at least examine these older bugs and clear them out?  Since we have 
> We get lots of complaints about this.  Have you considered instead
> putting some *work* into the problem?  If you've got some time, go
> through the open bugs, if something needs a patch and you can do it,
> send one to the maintainer, or if you can verify that it doesn't
> happen, report *that* -- I've certainly left a number of bugs open
> because I couldn't duplicate the conditions and thus couldn't tell
> that they were *not* there.  "Handling" or "managing" bug reports is a
> skill independent of development and QA;  I'd be quite happy to see a
> group that goes through and works on that problem, and it's a good way
> to learn about a package, too...

Agreed. The debian-qa mailing-list exist for this kind of issues, but as 
far as it goes, there's plenty of work needing to be done:

- Try to reproduce old bugs
- Submit patches to fix bugs
- Upload some bugfix uploads
- Maintainance of orphaned packages
- ...

Until now, I've taken care of some known orphaned packages, but since our 
(Philippe Troin & I) last list of orphaned packages shows we have about 
120 orphaned packages, extra volunteers are more than welcome. Just 
contact me if you are interested.


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