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Re: Policy regarding adding TeX/LaTeX styles and classes

On 26 May 1997, Manoj Srivastava wrote:

> Hi,
> 	Do we have any policies regarding additional sytem installed
>  TeX/LaTeX styles and classes? For example, LaTeX2HTML has a bunch of
>  style files, which, when used in writing a document, give the author
>  more control over the rendition of their document into HTML, and it
>  would be nice to be able to install the files under
>  /usr/lib/tex/texmf rather than insist that all users of LaTeX2HTML
>  have /usr/lib/latex2html/style in their TEXINPUTS.

There is no written TeX Policy so far, however we have an implicit one:
  - Debian uses teTeX
  - we try to implement the TeX Directory Standard (TDS) where possible
  - Linux Filesystem Standard (FSSTND) overrides the TDS

Thus, you should install your TeX/LateX style files, etc. below
/usr/lib/tex/texmf. Just try to stick to the current directory structure. 

> 	If this is feasible, then after installation, texhash should
>  be run to regenerate the ls-LR database; I am, however, leery of
>  doing this as tetex could be being upgraded at the same time, and if
>  LaTeX2HTML's postinst is run before tetex's, maybe the tetex would
>  complain about calling texhas before tetex was configured.
> 	I note, however, that tetex-extra just call texhash right out
>  of the hat in it's postinst; so is this OK? (what happens if
>  tetex-extra is installed before tetex-base?
> 	I can't even test for a previous ls-R database, since it is
>  installed by tetex-base (which could then be installed but not
>  configured).
> 	As a hack, I can test for the link /usr/lib/texmf/local, which
>  will only exists if tetex-base has been run, but I see that as
>  unwarranted chumminess with tetex-base's postinst.

I just packaged the new hyperlatex and use the following code in postinst
and postrm:



if [ -e $TEXCONFIG ]

The code is copied from some tetex-* file. I think (actually I hope :-)
that this works in all cases of tetex upgrades.

Anyways, I agree that we should have some written TeX Policy. I'll write
an appropriate section and will present it here for discussion. Does
someone have any additions to the three points showed above?



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