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Re: RFC: Policy for arch specs

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> On Thu, 29 May 1997, Galen Hazelwood wrote:
> > (Don't ask me what the historical reasons are, though.  I might start to
> > whimper...)
> Sorry, but I couldn't resist :-) What are the reasons?

I don't know.  That's why I whimper...

> If we make this policy, we should have some real arguments for it! Since
> we use "i386" in all our file names and since Debian actually runs on
> 386SX and higher I don't see why we should label this "i486".

Perhaps.  Anybody have any serious arguments?  I think the reason we
configure gcc as i486 is so it automatically optimizes for the 486; it's
a good middle ground.

> Does someone know if it makes any troubles if we ommit the (ugly)
> "unknown" in "i386-linux"?

Not as far as I know.


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