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Re: rm -r * and the default prompt

Nicolás Lichtmaier <nick@Feedback.com.ar> writes:

>  Be prepared to receive lots of messages saying things like "unix is for
> real men that can look manpages set their own prompts" and "we shouldn't
> make any decision about the system's look and feel, the sysadm should"...
>  The kind of decisions that keep newbie Linux users away from Debian...

I don't think Debian is really aiming at newbies.  (RedHat is)  Debian
is aiming at the power user or admin type -- the people that already
know Unix.  Debian is wonderful for people like that -- you get the
raw power of Unix with the most tedious tasks conveniently automated
via the package manager.  I don't think that we should go around
changing defaults like prompts just to be more friendly to newbies.
If we want to be friendly to newbies, we can write an X configurator
like RedHat; but I don't think that's what we want.

Just my two cents...

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