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Re: Problems with the current source packaging scheme


>>"Jim" == Jim Pick <jim@jimpick.com> writes:

Lars> * upstream sources not preserved bit-for-bit; need to be repackage,
Lars> which can destroy upstream digital signatures, and makes it more
Lars> difficult to check that .orig.tar.gz and upstream sources are the
Lars> same

Jim> The only reason they currently get repackaged is so that they can
Jim> be easily stored in the archive.  If we just "wrap" them in
Jim> something else, it accomplishes the same objective without being
Jim> so darn destructive.
	I think Bruce and Susan had brought up the issue about Debian
 repackaging upstream sources unnecessarily (one may need to change
 dpkg-source to handle, say, make-3.75.tar.gz that unpacks into
 make-3.75, and have the modified Debian sources reside in
 make-3.75.debian/. So, if the upstream version is reasonable, we can
 just use it directly (applies to all packages following GNU archive

	We don't need to wrap them (unless I misunderstand what was
 said), just carry the upstream source untouched.


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