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Re: RFC: Policy for arch specs

Christian Schwarz wrote:
> Next step: GNU's "configure" utility. I thought that we had agreed on
> using
>         i386-unknown-linux
> (and similar for the other architectures), but then I had just discovered
> that GCC uses
>         /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/
>                          ^^^^^^^^^^
> (first it says "i486" instead of "i386", second it ommits the "unknown").

Yes, for hysterical raisins, we use i486 instead of i386.  The
difference is reflected in the results you get form dpkg
--print-architecture and dpkg --print-gnu-build-architecture.  On most
systems, these are identical.  On Intel, they happen to be different. 
We leave out the "unknown" becuase A) it's ugly, and B) nobody cares who
built your silly pc-clone box anyway.  They're all the same, except for
the ways in which they are different.  :)

(Don't ask me what the historical reasons are, though.  I might start to


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