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Re: Proposal: New source format (was Re: [Fwd: Re: dpkg question])

joey@kite.ml.org (Joey Hess)  wrote on 11.05.97 in <19970511121314.16843@kite.ml.org>:

> Lars Wirzenius:
> > 1. If the upstream source packages are to be included bit-for-bit in their
> >    original form, how are you going to unpack them? Remember, you _have_
> >    to handle all formats: .zip, .tar.tar, .shar, binhex, multiple files,
> >    comp.binaries.* postings, ... That's an awful lot of complexity in the
> >    packaging tools.
> Not really. You could handle it just like redhat does in the srpm files: you
> have a shell script that is responsible for unpacking the package into a
> specific directory and applying all patches to it.

Remember: no shell scripts in the source packages that are needed for  
unpacking. It's just too dangerous.

Ian convinced me of this one.

MfG Kai

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