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Re: RFC: Kernel-package: Please add the '.config' file in the binary package

>>"jwalther" == jwalther  <jwalther@citytel.net> writes:

>> Are there any objections to moving the file into /boot?

jwalther> Is there really any reason to take us farther away from the
jwalther> standard that everyone else uses?  Its just one more gotcha
jwalther> that'll tick a newbie off when they follow their slackware
jwalther> friends advice, dl the kernel source, and just have at 'er
jwalther> like it says to in the Kernel HOWTO.

	One extra 4 KB file that really helps at times? Do we really
 want to cater to unreasonable people like that? why on earth? If
 there are technical objections, please feel free to voice them.

	Debian has achieved technical renown by not slavishly
 sticking to traditional unix behaviour (we have non standard stuff
 like dpkg, see?). I strongly deplore this new tendency to bend over
 backwards trying to placate increasingly unreasonable people.

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