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Re: Problems with serial ports? (longish life story)

Not sure this helps, but ...

I ran into a problem with compiling serial.o as a module.
At boot, I configure my serial ports using /boot/0setserial.
Unfortunately, when kerneld reloads serial.o, it
reinitializes the serial ports to a default setting which is
inconsistent with my hardware.  Could this possibly be your

P.S. What package is the command "lsdev" from.

Jean Pierre

On Sun, 25 May 1997, Karl Ferguson wrote:

> I'm about to try compiling the Stallion driver directly into the kernel
> instead of a module to see what happens, but I doubt this'll have any
> effect.  I also think it could be a hardware problem, but if so, what could
> it possibly be?  Here's the complete system configuration (for those who
> are still reading and havent lost interest):
> [root@orion:p0:~] lsdev
> Device            DMA   IRQ  Ports
> ------------------------------------------------
> SMC                      15  0300-031f	(isa SMC Elite 16C Ultra network card)

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